See When Will The NREGA Money Come

See when will the NREGA money come


When will the NREGA money come nrega ka paisa kab aayega: The work done under MNREGA is paid according to the fixed daily wages. This money gets deposited directly into the bank account of the beneficiary. If you are a job card holder and you also work as a laborer in the work done under MNREGA, then a question must have come to your mind. That question is when will the MNREGA money come? If you want complete information about this, then read this post completely and carefully.


Directly deposits the payment to be made under MNREGA by the Ministry of Rural Development in the bank account. Because with this a worker will get his full wages. If a worker gets less money by depositing money in a bank account, there will be no such complaint. The information of Gram Panchayat MNREGA is made available online. From this, any person can get information regarding this. Let us tell you here that how to check when NREGA money will come?

When will MNREGA money come 2021

MNREGA money gets deposited in the bank account very quickly. As soon as the details of any work are entered in the muster roll and the entry is done online, after that the money is deposited in the bank account according to the prescribed wages. How much and when this money has been deposited, you can check its information online. For this, read the procedure given below carefully.


Step-1 Open the website of NREGA

First of all we have to go to the official website of Ministry of Rural Development. For this, search by typing in the Google search box. For your convenience, the direct link of this website is given here. Through this you will be able to go directly to the web portal – Click here

Step-2 Select the Job Cards option

After opening the NREGA website, you will see a lot of options on the screen. We have to see MGNREGA money, so we have to go to the reporting part. then on the list Job Cards option has to be selected.

Step-3 Select your state name

In the next step you will see the name of all the states. Here you have to select the name of your state. For example, if someone is from Chhattisgarh, then select Chhattisgarh here. If you are from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh or any other state then select its name here.


Step-4 Select the name of District, Block and Gram Panchayat

After selecting the name of the state a search box will open. In this, first select the financial year. After this select the name of your district, block and gram panchayat. After selecting all the details, select the Proceed button. Like we have mentioned in the screenshot.


Step-5 Select the job card number

Now the list of job card holders of the Gram Panchayat selected by you will open. Here you have to search your name. After getting your name in the list, given in front of the name job card number Click on


Step-6 Select the name of MGNREGA work

After selecting the job card number, the record of your job card will open. Here you will see the details of NREGA work done by you. Select the name of the task for which you want to check the money. Like we told in the screenshot.


Step-7 Select the Muster Roll Number

After selecting the name of MNREGA work, the list of muster rolls to be used under that work will open. Here the information about how much money has been deposited in any Muster Rolls will be shown. Here you have to select the muster roll number.


Step-8 See when NREGA money came

As soon as you click on the muster roll number, information about how many people, how much and when the payment has been deposited in that muster roll will open. Here you can see the name of the job card holder, daily wages, total wages, in which bank the money has been deposited and when it has been deposited.


Note – In step-7 you will see more than one muster roll number. If your name is not found in the first muster roll number, then the second muster roll number has to be opened. Similarly, if the name is not found in the second, then you have to check your name by opening the third, fourth ie all muster roll numbers.

To know when the NREGA money came, you have to go to the official website of the Ministry of Rural Development. After this, in the Reports section, select the job cards option. Then select your state name, financial year, district, block and gram panchayat name. Search your name in the list of NREGA job card and click on job card number. After this, the work for which you want to check the money, you have to choose that MNREGA work. Then by opening the muster roll number, you can check how much and when the MNREGA money has arrived in your account.

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When will the NREGA money come, The information to check it step by step is explained here in a very simple way. Now any job card holder will be able to get information about MNREGA payment very easily. If you face any kind of problem in this or you have any question related to MNREGA scheme, then you can ask in the comment box below. We will reply you very soon.

Information to check when MNREGA money will come is very useful for all job card holders. So if you share this post on WhatsApp and Facebook then many people will get help. Complete information related to MNREGA scheme is provided on this website. If you are a job card holder and want to get new and useful information related to it, then search in Google search box – Thank you!


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